Lucky charms


The horn is the symbol par excellence of Neapolitan superstition. It is often replaced by red chillies on doors or balconies, which with their spicy seeds have the symbolic function of keeping evil tongues at bay.
Today the meaning of the horn has been lost. We touch it without actually knowing why. Indeed, the horn is nothing but the stylization of the foul of the Greek-Roman god Priapo, the guardian of the fields, the protector of the evil eye, and the god of fertility / prosperity, the protector of the house and of fish.
Horns are now used to keep the evil eye away and as a lucky charm; they must always be given and activated accompanied with an appropriate ritual. Buy your horn and receive instructions for activating and using the lucky charm in each pack.
As the Neapolitan philosopher Benedetto Croce once said, "I do not believe in superstitions, but I take it into account." 
Wishing you all the best!! 

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