Find out everything about our traditional craftsmentship in Naples

This section is dedicated to our photo gallery. In this collection you will be able to see more closely the various details that distinguish our lucky charms and our handmade puppets from our competition. Original and unique arts and crafts, typical of the true and authentic Neapolitan tradition.

Our promotional videos in Naples

This section, however, is dedicated to viewing our videos. Thanks to these tions you will be able to get further insight into our machining processes, and all our handicrafts, which allow us to create the wonderful products. Horseshoes, small lucky charms, the charm of ceramic and terracotta creations: a world of traditions and customs passed on from generation to generation is at your disposal. We wish you a good time as you browse our products!
Artigianal wisdom handed down from generation to generation: find out more by calling 39 081 19351165 
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